AKSU Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences

ISSN(Print): 2651-5679    ISSN(Online): 2695-2556


2023 Volume 7 Issue 3

Growth Response and Cost-benefit of Red Sokoto Goats Feedlotted on Crop Residues during Dry Season
Idongesit Sylva-Nyom, Gilbert J. Bandawa, Abdullahi J. Kure, Ja'afar L. Gora, Nkpusireufu G. Dubagari, Mohammed D. Buba, Buba Babuwa
Animal Science

Abstract: Fifteen Red Sokoto bucks were assigned to five treatment diets designated as T1, T2I, T3, T4 and T5 with cowpea husk inclusion levels at 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% to replace cowpea haulms. The feeding trial lasted for 90 days. Daily feed intake was measured by subtracting the leftover feed from...
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Optimization of Carbohydrate Content and Energy Value of Extruded Composite Snacks of Aerial Yam and Soybean Flours using the Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
Enobong O. Umoh, Madu O. Iwe
Food Science and Technology

Abstract: The study examined the effect of extrusion process factors on carbohydrate content and energy value of extrudates from aerial yam and soybean composite flour mixes. Laboratory scale single-screw extruder was utilized in extruding blends of aerial yam and soybean flours in the ratio of 1:3. Random...
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Analysis of Financial Profitability of Tomato Growers in Taraba State, Nigeria
Aboki Edon, Kara H. Abubakar , Zubairu, E. Ashindo
Agric Economics and Extension

Abstract: The study analyzed the financial profitability of tomato growers in Taraba State, Nigeria. The specific objectives of the study were to: describe the socio-economic characteristics of the respondents; examine the factors influencing tomato production; estimate tomato growers' profitability; and d...
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